ADHD Earrings
Back side, ADHD earrings.  Rhodolite garnets
Studio Shot, Front of ADHD earrings.  Colorless Topaz and fine silver

ADHD Earrings

Made these earrings after watching an ADHD friend clean out a basement.  It was not a linear process.....but it did eventually get done.

Fine silver wire zigs and zags from a white (colorless) topaz in the center of the "spiral".  It zags out to the ear wire, which has a shape to complement the design of the center.

For an extra special detail, there are rhodolite garnets set on the back side on the center setting.  These earrings are just as attractive from the front as they are the back.

ADHD can be both a blessing and a curse.  Harnessed and directed, it can be a superpower.