Regal Amethyst Pendant
Back of amethyst pendant.  Notice the detail on the clasp.
Earrings, made to match amethyst pendant.  Earrings are silver, iolite and tanzanite.
Photo on black of amethyst, iolite and tanzanite ensemble.

Regal Amethyst Pendant

This pendant was custom made with one specific person in mind.  She is spiritual, but not religious.  She likes all sorts of things but is also quite specific in her tastes.  The design was left up to me with the gems that her husband had chosen: amethyst, tanzanite and iolite.  The forms which houses the large checkerboard cut amethyst refers to many things: DaVinci's Vetruvian Man, the runic alphabet, the four cardinal points, and the sign of the Deathly Hallows.  Lots of thoughts, designing and reference material went into the making of this piece.  The goal was to make a regal, renaissance yet modern piece of significance.

This pendant is 100% hand-fabricated.  No casting or 3D printing went into this. The settings for the tanzanite baguettes were all fabricated from straight stock.  The clasp on the chain has a pear shaped amethyst built into it for easy use.  The matching earrings (not overly matchy matchy) are crafted with tanzanite and iolite.