Bypass ring, silver and amethyst
Bypass rings, group- amethyst, citrine, garnet, peridot, topaz
Bypass ring, Sterling silver and citrine
Bypass ring, sterling silver and garnet
Bypass ring, sterling silver and peridot
Bypass ring, sterling silver and blue topaz

Circumnavigation Rings, Silver

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The mission was to make an adjustable two-stone ring that is visually and structurally strong.  We nailed it!  This sterling silver bypass ring has two square stones @ 4.5mm each.  It has a gently tapered shank with a square bezel perfectly proportioned on the top.  The stones fit next to one another in a pleasing manner.   We chose to set them up in amethyst, citrine, topaz, garnet and garnet.  In the configuration pictured ( by that, we mean the distance between the two stones) this ring available in two sizes- 6 and 9.  It can be stretched open or compressed closed to gently get it to fit a wide range of finger sizes.  Super comfortable, does not grab onto fabrics or chunky knits. Finally, an adjustable ring that was built to last!