Color Changing Earrings, Round
Color Changing Earrings, Round
Earrings in LED lighting
Earrings in Daylight
Earrings in Work Light
Earrings in Mildly Fluorescent Lighting (Looks like Peridot? )

Color Changing Earrings, Round

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Welcome to the world of phenomenal gemstones!  Phenomenal gemstones are known as such because of the magical effects that occur when they interact with light.  The most rare and valuable variety of color change gems is natural alexandrite, which generally comes in small sizes.  This is a simulated alexandrite (June's birthstone) which means it has all of the magic of the extreme color change without the price tag.

What we have here is a synthetic color change sapphire. Synthetic means 'optically, chemically, and physically identical to its natural counterparts".  Meaning that it IS a sapphire, it was just not made in the Earth.

These 15mm phenomenal gems are set in sterling silver bezels with a custom ear wire with an integrated clasp.


In natural daylight they are a yummy orange/red color. 

Add a LED light source and they turn a honey/amber shade.

A bright work light? The color of a green olive, sometimes a peridot yellow/ green. 

 Go into fluorescents and POW!  SUPER GREEN. 

These color changing stones exhibit at least nine different shades.  (Why yes, I have counted!) Sometimes there are two or three different hues showing at once, depending on your environment.  Fascinating travel companion, these earrings are....

Phenomenal gemstones are magic. Enjoy!