Gold bracelet with oval links- weighs exactly one ounce of gold

Gold Oval Bracelet

Did you know that one ounce of gold can be stretched into a wire that is over 50 miles long? We haven't tried it, but can well believe it. Gold is a precious metal for a good reason, as it has the ductility of no other material.  This piece is part of our ongoing project of "what can be made with exactly one ounce of metal".  This 18k yellow gold bracelet was made by pouring one ounce of gold and rolling it out to make this handmade chain. The oval links are lightly hammered (planished) on one side and highly polished on the other.  The intermediary links are made to exactly keep the elements in line- it does not flip or twist.  The toggle clasp is made to function exactly right- just difficult enough to put on that it will not fall off. Designed to be stacked next to other bracelets as well as look great all on its own.