Group of bracelets made out of the panels from a London doubledecker bus.
London bus panel made into a bracelet with a massive Cubic Zirconia on top.
London RED doubledecker bus panel, turned into a bracelet with a tube symbol on it
London doubledecker bus panel, turned into a bracelet with a tube symbol on it
London doubledecker RED bus panel, with a map of the 1933 London electrical grid engraved on the surface.
London Bus Bracelet Group

London Bus Bracelet Group

 A US coalition of metalsmiths were asked to be in an exhibition in London that benefits disadvantaged and homeless people by transforming decommissioned London bus panels into artwork. 

Yes, you read that right.  These bracelets are made out of the side panels of a London double decker bus.  That is the RED we have been looking for!

First we figured out how to bend the panel without disturbing the glorious red paint.  Then we decided how to use the material to its best advantage. 

Next time on a double decker bus, think on how many bracelets could be made out of the carapace. It is probably the same as the amount of holes that it would take to fill the Royal Albert Hall.


Atop the first bracelet sits a BIG cubic zirconia (CZ) .  We have had this CZ since doing work for MtV in the early 90's. It was just waiting for something to be worthy of it. We built a handmade setting out of sterling silver and riveted it to the bracelet with some serious jeweler kung-fu. 





The second has a brass and sterling silver handmade TUBE symbol, which was bent to fit closely next to the very RED surface. We riveted the piece to crisply and cleanly affix it onto the bracelet.









This bracelet has a handmade TUBE symbol in sterling silver.  The proportions on this one are a little more accurate.







This design is based on a 1933 map of the underground electrical grid.  The map hasn't changed that radically in the past 80 years- I wouldn't use it for wayfinding, but the rough outline is the same.  The bus panel was cut to size, sanded, engraved, bent, and painted in the channels with black enamel paint.  The overall effect is quite painterly.  Surprisingly effective!