Sputnik crystal and spinel necklace- met opera
Sputnik crystal and spinel necklace-close up- met opera
Lobby, Met Opera, Sputnik Chandeliers burning bright
Met Opera Lobby, daytime, photo by LeeAnn Herreid
Sputnik Chandelier overhaul, people replacing the crystals.
Sputnik Chandelier, close up, Met Opera Lobby

Met Opera Sputnik and Spinel Necklace

We are lucky enough to be able to work with the genuine crystals that have been on the world famous Sputnik Chandeliers for over 50 years.  The crystals that we use were replaced during a major overhaul by the original Austrian chandelier maker.  These pieces of jewelry come with an official Certificate Of Authenticity.

There are very few of each crystal available.  This type is 25mm round and is my personal favorite.  We paired it with several strands of super fine micro-faceted black spinel beads.  Spinel is more rare than rubies or sapphires, although they are formed in the same geological conditions and regions. Spinel is super hard on the Mohs chart, therefore it has an incredible finish.

Back to the necklace!  Good ingredients make this the most sparkly, lovely piece.  The clasp is a handmade S-hook in the front- which makes it both subtle and functional.  We stamped the logo onto a disc to make the edge finish superb.  With the rarity of the crystals, and the amount of the spinel strands used, this necklace sells for 640-.  However- we cannot sell it to you!  Crystals ore the property of the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC.  If you contact: https://www.metoperashop.org/jewelry or call 212.799.3100 x2399 you could possibly get this necklace.  It is worth every penny.