sterling silver cufflinks, rollerprinted from original met opera curtain
golden silk curtain at the metropolitan opera
stage crew magic at the met opera
photo by Jonathan Tichler, interior of the Metropolitan Opera
Exterior, Met Opera, Lincoln center, NYC, at night

Met Opera cufflinks, roller printed

When the Met Opera replaced its iconic golden silk curtain, the original curtain was guarded as closely as any proper religious icon.

We were sent a small amount of the original 1966 curtain and asked if we could figure out a way to transform it into wearable jewelry to celebrate this musical art form.

While helping a friend clean out her garage with a leaking roof, we came upon some handmade Irish lace from the 1700's.  The water and mildew had mostly destroyed the valuable textiles.  It got us to thinking about how precious, non-ferrous metals stand the test of time better than any piece of fabric ever could.

We took our little bit of the original Met Opera curtain and roller printed it onto thick, shiny sterling silver sheet.  We let the natural curve of the technique stay, and left the edges just how they came out of the roller.  Then we hallmarked the words "Met Opera" proudly upon the surface.  These cufflinks will outlive all of us, even if they are buried in dirt or stored in the worst environment on Earth.  It keeps the texture of the original 1966 curtain while giving it another century to shine on.

This is  a super-limited edition piece.  At this time of writing, there is only one more pair of these cufflinks available in the whole world.  They can be purchased by special request only through the Met Opera Shop directly.