Met Opera Silk curtain necklace
met opera shop, during a busy intermission
Pavarotti at the Met Opera, in front of the golden silk curtain
Golden Silk curtain at the Metropolitan Opera
Lobby at The Metropolitan Opera, NYC
Trunk Show at the Met Opera Shop, 2019

Met Opera Necklace, double glass

The golden silk curtain has been an important part of the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC since it first opened at its present location at the Lincoln Center in 1966.

Opera music and stage performances are sacred to fans- the love of music sometimes can verge onto religious fervor.  We started thinking about relics and how they are kept.  Buddha's mustard seeds, pieces of saints- how do we use this curtain and make it into a reliquary?

Its so precious, and there is only a little bit of it.  So we figured out how to put a perfect square in between two domed pieces of glass.  It remains suspended without touching the edges and becomes otherworldly, just like a great performance!

To purchase this sterling silver necklace on an 18" chain, go directly to the Met Opera Shop.