Color-changing gemstones in full fluorescent environment
Color-change synthetic sapphires in natural sunlight.  Delicious raspberry color...
Pear-shaped earrings in daylight
Pear-shaped color change gemstones in LED lighting
Pear shaped color changing gems in fluorescent lighting

Color Changing Earrings, Pear shaped

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When jeweler's hear "pear shaped" we think of this teardrop shape, NOT what happens when things go "pear shaped".  As gemologists, we would call these "pear shaped phenomenal color changing synthetic corundum".  To the layman this means "teardrop-shaped lab created color changing sapphire".

These earrings are an attractive, modern, and clean design with an integrated catch.  Handmade in sterling silver, they get compliments everywhere you go.

These pear shaped gems change color like nothing you have ever seen.  They are simulated alexandrite, June's rare and expensive birthstone.

In sunlight, the stones are a delicious raspberry color. 

In LED they turn a honey/ amber shade. 

Work lamps turn the gems yellow to green- looking a bit like a peridot.

Makes you actually look forward to going into places with institutional lighting……because the gems turn a deep super green. 

Sometimes one earring is a radically different color than the other.   Sometimes they have so many different hues it is totally absorbing and incredible distracting....

Believe these photos. The color change is RADICAL.  We love these phenomenal gemstones.  Never a dull moment with these earrings on.