Earrings in full fluorescent lights
Earrings in full sunlight
LED lighting- orange/ honey color
Earrings in fluorescent/ incandescent mix
Earrings under tube fluorescent lamp- yellowish/ green
Color-changing sapphires under incandescent lights

Color Changing Earrings, Trilliant

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Fascinating and modern design PLUS the most extreme color changing synthetic sapphire we have EVER seen. This pair of trilliant cut earrings feature simulated alexandrite, June's birthstone, meaning it has a radical color change in different light sources.  Simulated means "look like".  Synthetic means "optically, physically, and chemically identical to its natural counterparts".

We love the triangle with rounded edges.  The ear wire is an integral part of the design, working with and accentuating the star of the show.

Color change on these earrings range from a deep green, to a peridot green, to a bronze/ gold, over to a fantastic raspberry purple/ red.  WOW.  This is what a color changing phenomenal gemstone should look like.  SOLID.